This is the second issue of Onamae wa?, a weekly post where we dig up characters from our currently airing anime season looking up for anything neat! Last week we found some pretty interesting stuff about Katsuhira Agata from Kiznaiver. Where should we start looking for now?


That’s right, admiral! Today we will pick our best セーラー服 (seeraa.fuku, sailor uniform) and join 岬 明乃 (Misaki Ake.no), captain of Harekaze Ship in High School Fleet (Haifuri)! To avoid being drowned in spoilers, it is recommended to have watched up to Episode 2 for the sake of this post.

Captain Akeno “Mike” Misaki

岬 明乃



Our lucky girl is addressed in a variety of ways so far in Haifuri. Aside from 明乃 (Ake.no) as her first name and 岬 (Misaki) as her last name, she also goes by 艦長 (kan.chou. Captain) , which is how she should be addressed considering the situation (and our top notch Deputy Captain Mashiro-chan usually does so). Then we have “Mike” as a nickname from her childhood friend Moeka, Captain of Musashi. We know she is a high spirited, lucky (?) girl and, despite barely passing her admission test, managed to take an important step into one day becoming a fully fledged Blue Mermaid. I’d say that she is quite good at being a Captain so far, keeping her cool and taking smart decisions when necessary. But what if we ask her お名前は?

Lets first turn 45º west towards her family name, 岬 (Misaki), formed by:


Hmm. Right away we have a direct reference to Haifuri overall theme. Those are all synonyms meaning a large piece of land that sticks out in the sea. This [spit] here is not related in any way to the verb [to spit], which by the way could be either 唾く (tsuba.ku) or  吐き掛ける (to.ki.ka.keru). It would be amazing to have such underlying meaning so very well hidden, but I don’t think that will be the case here. That is it then for 岬? Maybe not.

岬 is formed by two other kanji:


While kun’yomi reading of 甲 is of no relevance here, on’yomi readings (We spoke about this last week, remember?) provide a few interesting clues. A Grade, First Class? Pretty fancy for our heroine, captain of the lowest graded team in Haifuri. But it would go very well as our Captain seems very high skilled. This kanji also appears is some naval related words like 甲板 (kan.pan; deck of a ship). 山 is a very easy kanji which you probably knew already (c’mon…). Aside from all sort of mountain related meanings, we also have crown, climax, peak. Digging into kanji parts might seen like stretching it too much, but this is part of game too!

Oh, right. 岬 (Misaki) has three other kanji variations, all with the same meaning:


Can we get any hint from this? Hmm… maybe? Could you notice that 岬 is the odd one here?


奇 is not that common by itself, but it appears very often as a radical, bringing the meaning of something unique, strange, mysterious to words like 綺麗 (ki.rei; beautiful or clean) and 奇しき (ku.shiki; strange, odd)

Could we say that 岬 is the only one who traded 奇 for 甲? In other words, could we say that our Captain is the one who traded the beauty for the First Class? Or maybe that her mystery and beauty is hidden behind her high skill? Could this indicate that she was put into that ship/class on purpose, despite being high skilled? Maybe… and this would be amazing, right Shima-chan?



Alright, enough of her Family Name. Let’s sail ahead into 明乃 (Ake.no), her first name:


明 is a very common one, featured in everyday words like 明日 (ashita or asu; tomorrow), 説明 (setsu.mei; explanation) and 明るい (aka.rui; bright). It always revolves around this idea of making something clearer, brighter. On a naval context, this is usually related to a Lightbeacon, which is a cool reference for a Captain name, guiding its crew and ship amidst the sea. We will hold into this, might be useful.

 乃 is way too common. Way too common. Wait, you have studied a bit of Japanese and has never seen it before? That is probably the case as this kanji, albeit common, is often depicted in hiragana only: の (no), our possessive article buddy.

私のワイフについてバカするな!(watashi no waifu ni tsuite baka suru na!; don’t make fun of my waifu!)

So 私のワイフ could also be written as 私乃ワイフ. This is largely irrelevant nowadays though as far as Japanese Language goes, but… wait a moment.

Our Captain name is 岬(Misaki)明乃(Ake.no).  I should have mentioned before, considering this is a weekly post about names, but Japanese names are ordered contrary to what is usual in the West. 岬(Misaki) comes first and is the Family Name, while 明乃(Ake.no) comes later and is her Given Name. This varies a lot, but for the sake of this blog if I’m not writing with Kanji, I’ll most likely write it in its Western order, which in this case will be Akeno Misaki.

In this order, Akeno Misaki would be 明乃岬. Or 明の岬! So in this order, Mike-chan name literally reads as the light that shines from the cape. Quite cool, uh.


So there we have it. 岬(Misaki)明乃(Ake.no), Captain of Harekaze in Haifuri:


First class light that shines from the cape, guiding her crew through a mysterious, yet beautiful sea.

After two amazing episodes, looking forward to more high sea hype on Haifuri. If you haven’t check this show, give it a try! Hope you guys enjoyed this and until next weekend,

海に生き (umi ni i.ki; Live on the Sea!)、海を守り (umi wo mamo.ri; Protect the Sea!)、海を往く (umi wo yu.ku; Sail the Sea!)、それがブールマーメイド!(sore ga Blue Mermaids!)