Hello, Kyra here! Over the last weekend I attended the 90th コミックマーケット(Comikku Maaketto) or how most Japanese call it, コミケ(comike). You can read more about the event itself here on Wikipedia or this official PDF from 2014 that fully describes it.

Today I’ll talk a little about my experience taking part in C90 madness and display some of the marvelous goods that I was lucky enough to get on Day 1 and 2 (Day 3 tomorrow!). This post will have a lot of pictures and some embed videos from Twitter and while I’ll try my best to hide NSFW material, be prepared.


As this is my third time in a row taking part of Comiket, I learned a lot by mistakes in C88 and C89, resulting in a much better C90. Still ended up making a silly mistake on Day 3, but overall great success. A few pointers if you ever plan to attend one:

  1. Sleep. Get yourself a great rest the day before and make sure to sleep well between each day. It is a very tiresome event and it is not unusual to see people collapsing, specially on Summer.
  2. Eat. Try to eat properly during the events so you can withstand the harsh weather and long periods of time standing up holding bags. Bring snacks, non-oily ones! Eat while standing in lines or after you are done shopping.
  3. Drink enough water. This is probably common sense, but the key point here is enough. If you are any serious about buying goods, you don’t want to waste time going to the bathroom during the first 3-4 hours of the event.
  4. Useful stuff: facial tissues, a small towel, a backpack or a small wheeled case, extra battery for your mobile, money in small change (most stuff costs between 500-1000 yen). You might also want to bring an appropriate tube to store tapestries or posters.
  5. If you plan to buy specific items, download maps or acquire the Official Catalog to know exactly where to go from the start, which entrance to use, which route to take. This is specially true for Hardcore buyers, but overall a good practice for anyone.
  6. Last, but most importantly: Be respectful, try your best to not push people away, follow the procedures and instructions from the Staff.

Keep in mind that Comiket is not a walk in the park, being commonly called by its usual attendees as 戦争(sen.sou; war). I tried to record a bit of what is like to be inside the halls, but seriously, you can’t really understand unless you are there. Below are some pics and videos!

Above is people lined up for Day 2, around 8AM. The event itself opens up at 10AM and this is not the only place where people are lined up.

Above is what I believe to be the beginning of the line on Day 1. This goes endlessly way back. Waaaaaay back.

Below is a rather not so long line in order to buy some doujin. Seriously, this one is not long at all, especially when compared to Company Booths.

Day 1 (Friday, August 12th)

Now we will go through some of my purchases from Day 1 and 2.

Isolated, Day 1 was the worst. Company Booths usually have very long lines, prices are high and great items sell out quickly. In other words, Company Booths are a mistake. That being said, I managed to grab some nice stuff!

Day 2 (Saturday, August 13th)

Freed from the curse of the Company Booths, Day 2 was the best day because there were still a lot of people who would be attending said Company Booths, thus removing a lot of competition for doujinshi.


I played a bit of Kancolle during my stay in Japan in 2015, but due to time constraints I never really went very deep on it. It is a fun game though and both official and fanmade drawings are amazing. In C90, Day 2 was the glory day for Kancolle fans, although you could also find plenty of good stuff on both Day 1 and 3 as well. Below are my purchases, except for Sendai-related ones.


I wasn’t really into Sendai at first, but thanks to the works of Ageha (Cosplayer) and ica (illustrator) ended up being part of the crowd that just loves night battles! Now on C90 I also found morigamix.


Kashima shaked the world of Kancolle doujins ever since she was announced. Unsurprising, there was a lot, I mean, a LOT of Kashima-related material in C90, most of them NSFW. I’m more of a SFW guy, so below was my only Kashima-related good:

THAT BEING SAID, I did buy a NSFW Kashima doujinshi from DKsha, for a friend. REALLY, it is for a friend! Why won’t people believe me…

Akagi x Kaga

The basic premise of Kancolle are ships, this is very well known. And a staple ship is Akagi x Kaga. Below are two different takes on it!

Moe-version by bokkun:

Adult-version by 猫村:

The author of this last one is an absolute madman, as you can see in the picture below. BEWARE, NSFW.



I learned to appreciate Kiso after my friend thiefd. I saw a lot of booths doing Kiso-related doujin and below are works from Sorairo.


I only really picked Tone stuff because I really like ウミノモクズ art style. On C88 and C89 I bought his works as well and this time the quality is still on par!

Agano-class Family

I ran into this booth after I was done with my shopping list and was really surprised! Great, marvelous work by mousoup.

Abyssal Fleet

There are also plenty of artworks dedicated to the antagonists in Kancolle universe. Below is the C90 release from コダマ:


Before Kancolle was a thing, most doujins on Comiket were based on Touhou universe. Even though now Kancolle far outnumbers it, you can still find plenty of great artists! Below are the works of 宮瀬まひろ and 望月椎那.

Misc Stuff for friends

That Kashima’s doujin, part of Kiso’s material and Akagi x Kaga (adult-version) were all requested goods by friends. Below are some others:


On top left we have two Splatton doujins. It is incredible how many booths dedicated to this franchise exist, considering how niche it is, on top of being relatively new.

On top right we have music albums from hatsunetsumiko. I haven’t listened to these ones yet, but their previous works had really good quality, I recommend it!

On bottom we have a BL-oriented Visual Novel, its soundtrack and a bonus postcard. Unfortunately the official artbook was sold out by the time I reached the booth and even the game itself sold out a few minutes later. Being a foreigner man walking around the BL booths is always interesting. It is a mix of suspicious eyes from the girls, while some of them, the most outgoing type, go ahead and start calling for you to take a look at their material. When I went there to grab these goods, the girl from the neighbor booth called me saying “BL? KOCCHI, KOCCHI! BL!” (Kocchi means here), in a very excited voice tone. Fairly hilarious!


Thanks all for your time, hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow I’ll post Day 3 goods. This week I’ll unfortunately skip [Onamae wa?] but next Sunday it will be back as usual! See you there!