Hello, Kyra here! Over the last weekend I attended the 90th コミックマーケット(Comikku Maaketto) or how most Japanese call it, コミケ(comike). You can read more about the event itself here on Wikipedia or this official PDF from 2014 that fully describes it.

Today we will go through each of my Day 3 purchases and some of my friends’ requests. This post will have a lot of pictures and some embed videos from Twitter and while I’ll try my best to hide NSFW material, be prepared.

Day 3 (Sunday, August 14th)

I had more booths to attend on Day 3 than the other two days together, so this was the real battle. Isolated this would have been the best day, but it due to how tired I was, it became either the worst one or close to be. By the time I was going home, my legs where numb and both my ankles and lower-back were aching a lot. That being said, Day 3 goods were the ones I was really looking forward to on C90, so that kept me going on. Alright, let’s move on!

Personal Loots: SFW Dominance

First we will go through my goods. From 15 booths I visited for my own purchases, 14 of them were SFW material. This is just a personal preference. The girls pictured are usually JK or similar age, short for 女子高生(jou.shi.kou.sei; high school girl), sometimes just doing everyday things like eating ramen or something sexy like wearing lingerie. Younger girls are usually depicted having fun and simply being cute, although there is indeed some sexual appeal in a few drawings. I personally have nothing against that on fictional characters, but I understand if you do. One thing I noticed is that on the booths I visited more authors than I expected were women.

Foot Fetish x JKs, JKs and JKs!

What? You were babbling about SFW and start right away with the NSFW one?

Yeah. あしコレJK by 大嘘 was my most wanted doujinshi in C90 and honestly, I don’t even have a foot fetish. The art and scripts are great and frankly I just couldn’t resist all these JKs. One thing that I really love about Japan (both 2D and 3D) is that there is higher focus on legs as a seduction arsenal, but explored in a more elaborated way than just wearing a miniskirt. DISCLAIMER: This is just my own preference and you should dress yourself however you want (for 3D-ers) or enjoy your waifu the way you want (for 2D-ers).


Food Porn x JKs, JKs and JKs!

If you followed me on Twitter since way back, you know that I absolutely loved Koufuku Graffiti. Below are the Productions Notes for it, from C88.

So why bringing up this now? Well, my second most wanted purchase on C90 was once again Food Porn x JKs, like Koufuku Graffiti. Below, 君はラーメン屋で恋をする(kimi wa ramen’ya de koi wo suru; Falling in Love in a Ramen Shop) by マツザキミユキ.

The author really managed to convey the pleasure of eating through his drawings in this work and there are many different scripts, covering love, working, food as a way to heal and of course, eating because it is delicious!

Lingerie x JKs, JKs and JKs

If foot fetish wasn’t my thing and I ended up buying that, imagine when the author pairs JKs with something that I love? Madness! Below are the works of an illustrator I love, Nilitsu, シンデレランジェリー, Lingerie x Cinderella Girls!

Back in C89 he had done a similar work with Monogatari heroines, you can check a video below!

On C90 there was also a Short haircut girls themed book by him and oh my, it is beautiful.


Another author that covered a lingerie x JKs was  森倉円. Unfortunately the book [Schoolgirls Portrait] was already sold out by the time I got there. Nonetheless, the remaining books featuring girls in Lingerie and Knitted clothing are gorgeous, as you can see below.

Although there is no such thing as Enough JKs, let’s move on to other stuff.

Who Homu here?

Madomagi set by ファルまろ.

Unexpected greatness

When planning my buylist, the book よろず本 by かれい wasn’t really on top of my priorities, but it turned out to be really great with its unique art style. Video below!

The works covered in the video below are, in order of appearance:

  1. ARIA
  2. Gabriel Dropout
  3. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  4. Flying Witch
  5. Ajin-chan wa Kataritai
  6. Madoromi-chan ga Iku
  7. Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan
  8. Re:Zero
  9. Re:Zero
  10. KinMosa + Gochiusa
  11. KinMosa
  12. Rabi-Ribi
  13. Nakahara-kun no Kahogo na Imouto
  14. (from here on its guest artists)

Lolis & Fluffy Ears!

Below are works from やむ茶わき and p19!


This is a Mahou Shoujo concept book for an upcoming project named LACKGIRL. Seems quite solid! Love the character design and Annabel is singing the main theme. Below a PV made for C90!

And here some pics from the books themselves:


There were quite a few booths dedicated to Aoba-san and friends. Many of those were NSFW, but below is a mostly SFW doujinshi, Save Point! by 希望つばめ.

MISC, but great anyway!

Below are some books I couldn’t really put into any specific group. Enjoy!

Yumecoffret by れい亜.

Erimo to Bishoujo by ERIMO. He was also the one doing the official artwork for C90 merchandise, featured in some drinks for example, as shown below.

POKIZM and Breathless by POKImari.

Pure Piece by シソ.

framework 05 by まお, although this one is from C89.

Requested items

There were a lot of requests for Day 3 and while I couldn’t fulfill a lot of them due to the nature of Comiket, it still amounted for a lot of stuff. Most of these are NSFW material, so I won’t go into much detail as I did with the ones I bought for myself.

request 1: “Oh, these ones are quite ok, nice! What ab… wtf?!”

No matter what you offer me, I won’t go into details about the ones on last picture. Seriously. Haha. Anyway, picked 3 of them to showcase:

This is Twilight – Intercontinental Ballistic Girl by 泉彩. I intended to grab this one too, as the art suits my preferences as well, but ended up passing on it. Really cute!

Presia: Prologue by ぴょん吉. Some NSFW on it. Quite nice.

This one above is Melia from 大石竜子. The art is very eccentric and the composition is crazy, especially on double page spreadouts. Really interesting!

request 2: “Surprisingly normal stuff”

This is the second time buying for this friend and last time he made me go “bro, seriously, get some help”. This time though, he seems just like another normal human being.  Well, he is probably faking it but gotta give him some props!

First four on the left are doujins related to the visual novel Dies Irae. On the right Code Geass R18 doujin, that same New Game! one I got and lastly the one that literally got me to say out loud: “surprisingly normal stuff”.

Few pics from Dies Irae ones, by Gユウスケ and 夕薙 :

Girls Log vol.9 – pure smiles – by kyuri. The title couldn’t be more suitable. This is all pure smiles.

request 3: “not for me”

This a friend I made while in Japan in 2015, through Twitter! Very nice person with very specific preferences which thus takes me to places in Comiket that I didn’t even know existed.


Splatoon and Undertale. No pics this time. Moving on!

request 4: “the absolute madman”


Don’t get me wrong, I just threw the books on the bed and they positioned themselves like that. Just normal stuff. Once again no pics here, but suffice to say that I accidentally dropped one earlier today and it felt half way open and made me say out loud “absolute madman”.

request 5: “bro, seriously, get some help”

This one actually took a lot of time to set up because I was running out of paper to cover the parts that couldn’t be shown.


Wrapping up!

Thanks all for your time! I know right, that was a lot of images. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Comiket is a very unique event and I recommend to try it once if you are into Japanese doujinshi. This is my 3rd time attending, but on C88 and C89 I was living in Japan, so it wasn’t as exhausting as now that I had to travel for over 1 day by plane to get here. Not sure if I’ll come for C91 or not, but in case I do, see you again!

Oh, hey. Nevermind. See you next Sunday as we get back to [Onamae wa?] series. If you are new around here, this blog is actually mainly to explore possible meanings tied to characters names in Anime. Feel free to read a few if you are interested!