Hello, Kyra here!

I was surprised today by a nomination from Ava from READS,RHYTHMS AND RUMINATIONS. It is encouraging to receive such unexpected shout out and thus I’m truly grateful. I was drawn to her blog actually for her posts on regular literature (as opposed to Manga/Anime related works), like this post (link) on I’ll give you the sun, by Jandy Nelson. I say that but it was rather interesting to read some opposing ideas of her on Mirai Nikki and Another, adding more to the experience. If you have time, give her a few minutes to see if she can catch your attention as well!



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  • Share seven things about yourself.
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Seven Facts About Me :

  1. The name Kyra comes from my former character on the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. It used to be Kyra Wolfgang but I figured out I should stick with shorter names.
  2. I’ve lived in Japan for one year, aka best year of my life.
  3. If you ever meet me, I’ll most likely be wearing a regular plain t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Maybe sunglasses if it is sunny.
  4. Due the reason number 3 I avoid places that require fancy clothing, like fancy restaurants or ceremonies.
  5. Cats > Dogs.
  6. I actually enjoyed FFXIII. Yup, I know.
  7. I decided to study Japanese because of Bokura no Kiseki, a manga by 久米田(kumeta)夏緒(natsuo), as fan translations were taking way too long to come out. I love languages in general and plan to go back to university at some point to study Linguistics, hopefully in Japan.


Ok, this is the hard part. I only started writing recently so I follow only a few fellow bloggers. Will post four of those here as they all create interesting material that might interest you as well. Some of them already received this Award but well, しょうがない。

  1. Karandi from 100wordanime. Always glad to receive her (?) comments. Thinking now, as I don’t actually review anime myself, I should probably start pointing out to her (?) blog whenever I talk about a given series here.
  2. D from Dtalksanime. Highly recommend his post on Noragami, great food for thought, although you should be prepared for a rather unsettling point of view.
  3. Aldael from Aldael’s Attic. Really good writing, tidy blog.
  4. Ma Venus from JAPANime Talks. Plenty of interesting posts. I mean, plenty.

Once again thanks Ava for the nomination, see you all around.