Hello, Kyra here! This is Onamae wa? #29, our weekly encounter where we pick Anime character’s names and look for anything interesting in them.

Yeah, I know.

They are too big. They are unreal. They are abnormal. And they are, above anything:


Our guest today is 成沢(naru.sawa) 稜歌(ryou.ka), also known as that girl from Occultic;Nine, a mystery anime currently airing this Fall that is also known as that anime with that big boobed girlDue to how massive is our guest today, it is recommended to have watched up to Episode 4 of this show to avoid not one, but two colossal spoilers.

成沢(naru.sawa) 稜歌(ryou.ka)


成沢(naru.sawa) 稜歌(ryou.ka) is a 16 years old girl who aspires to be a singer. In the meantime however, she is a staff member of Kirikiri Basara blog founded by Gamotan, going online as Ryoutasu. She has an incredible naive, carefree aura that constantly heavily contrasts with the mood, making her a perfect comic relief. And yes, I wrote all this without even mentioning her most peculiar trait. We will get there eventually. お名前は?


Family Name: 成沢(naru.sawa)



成沢(naru.sawa) uses regular kun’yomi (Japanese Readings) for both kanjis and dates even before Sengoku Period. It is said to be originated on northern region of Honshuu (Japan’s main island), but nowadays it is mostly found in Nagano Prefecture, situated in the central region.

成 is usually related to growth, transformation or achieving something. Back in Summer 2016 we covered it in 成瀬(naru.se), Family Name of Kakeru from Orange (link). From there I quote:

成 brings the idea of becoming or growing into something, appearing in words like 成長(sei.chou; growth, grow to adulhood), 成功(sei.kou; success) and is also used in 成る(na.ru; to become, etc), a very common verb in Japanese, although nowadays it is mostly written in kanas only.

How could we link this idea of growth to Ryoutasu, I wonder…

There has to be an occultic explanation for these two.

While it does clearly link to her voluptuous physical growth, it can’t be said for her mental age, at least in a first glance. In her official profile (link) they go all the way to use the word 天真爛漫 (ten.shin.ran.man) a daunting word meaning something like glorious naivety or innocence in full bloom.  That being said, with each episode it seems more and more likely that Ryoutasu is actually very keen in what is going on around her. Recently on Episode 4, she reacted in a very conscious way to Gamotan evasive answer after she questioned him:


This eye wasn’t of someone who is naive. This facial expression doesn’t belong to someone who is just a comic relief. My point is, while Ryoutasu can be surely described as airbags, she won’t sit very well with airheaded.

Going even further back:

(in)directly getting Gamotan involved with the murder, on Episode 1.
Further pushing him into Miyuu-chan, Episode 1.

Oh, back to her Family Name. Where were we? Oh, right. Second kanji. While this is the first time that we see this kanji in a name here, we saw a bit of it when talking about 黒澤(kuro.sawa), surname of Dia and Ruby from Love Live! Sunshine (link).

澤 is a very uncommon kanji if you put names aside, although it is not a name exclusive kanji, as it appears as alternative for the much more popular character, 沢, which is present in daily life words like 沢山(taku.san; a lot, enough) and 贅沢(zei.taku; luxury, extravagance).

Although 沢(sawa) by itself means swamp or marsh, the most common words are the ones above, emphasizing plentifulness or extravagance. This comes very handy to further reinforce Ryoutasu notorious growth. I’d go as far as to dig the word 潤沢(jun.taku; abundant, voluptuous, glossy).

Others 成沢(naru.sawa):

This last one uses a variant kanji, dropping 成(growth) for 鳴(animal crying).


Given Name: 稜歌(ryou.ka)


稜歌(ryou.ka) is rather unusual kanji combination for this reading, although not unheard of. As Narusawa, it uses fairly regular readings, this time both On’yomis (Chinese Reading).

稜 is used to describe an angle, corner or anything that rises above the rest, as in 稜角(ryou.kaku; sharp corner), 岩稜(gan.ryou; rock ridge) and 気骨稜々(ki.kotsu.ryou.ryou; person with strong moral fiber). In names, it usually appears in a template of 稜 + another kanji as way to emphasize the idea of the later one, as in 稜夜(ryou.ya; an exceptional night) and  稜人(taka.to; an exceptional person). Worth to note that 稜 is an uncommon kanji, being the 2091 of the 2500 most used kanji in newspapers.

歌 on the other hand is a very common kanji. We covered a bit of it when talking about 千歌(chi.ka), leader of Aqours from Love Live! Sunshine (link). From there:

歌(uta) is another recurring kanji in anime. Some unusual words include 歌留多(ka.ru.ta; traditional Japanese card game) and 鼻歌(hana.uta; humming). Two very close words are 国歌(kokka; national anthem) and 校歌(kouka; school anthem).

Considering the above, 稜歌(ryou.ka) ties very well into Ryoutasu aspiration of being a singer, as her name would mean something akin to exceptional singer. In a given Japanese website about names, someone pointed out that this name evokes the idea of someone who would majestically sing at the top of a mountain ridge, which is something rather epic, indeed. Her handle name Ryoutasu is probably a variation where you use the reading uta rather than ka for 歌, which would result in Ryouta with an added -su for cuteness effect. This reminds me that Ryouta could be written as 稜大, meaning exceptionally big. I wonder how to tie this to our girl here…

No others 稜歌(ryou.ka)! Truly an exceptional name.


Wrapping up!


Let’s review our guest today!

成沢(naru.sawa) 稜歌(ryou.ka), the aspirant singer who despite her looks, has grown into a sharp adult mind. Apparently naive, suspiciously keen. Wait, those looks are definitely something large even for an adult… 

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoyed your reading. Occultic;Nine drove a lot of people away on Episode 1, partly because of how fast paced it was and secondly because her boobs are too big, so this show can’t be good. It really reminds me of Durarara, seeing people from different backgrounds getting tied together by an event. I love Ryoutasu a lot, one of my favorite characters this season. And if I haven’t been clear enough in this post, it isn’t because of her physical traits. See you all next weekend!