Hello, Kyra here! This is Onamae wa? #34, our weekly encounter where we pick Anime character’s names and look for anything interesting in them.

Like last week, this is another show that might not be in your watchlist for Fall 2016 (Thinking now, it is also 3D CGI and a sequel like Ajin). Back in its Season 1 there were two reasons why I stuck to this show, first one being Kogane x Matobai conflict, especially the marvelous episode 3. Now try to guess the second one.

Our main guest today is 万流 (ban.ryuu) 礼央子(re.o.ko), a supporting character in Bubuki Buranki, an action mecha show having its second season currently airing on Fall 2016. Due to the contents of this post, it is recommended to have watched up to Season 2 Episode 10 of this show to avoid spoilers to affect your Heart.

万流 (ban.ryuu) 礼央子(re.o.ko)


I think that the best way to introduce Reoko is quoting @CSRadical in his post from April/2016, CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: REOKO BANRYUU:

This bitch be crazy. This bitch be (probably) in her 40s. Yet this bitch be sexy as fuck and a fantastic villain!

万流(ban.ryuu) 礼央子(re.o.ko) originally wielded 炎帝の心臓(en.tei no shin.zou; Entei’s Heart) and back in high school she was betrayed (at least on her point of view) by Migiwa, which resulted in her becoming immortal (free from aging and able to restore herself to a near-perfect condition). A lot happened back in Season 1 and Reoko ended up captured by Guy, the main antagonist of Season 2, who needed Entei to fulfill his plan of reviving Deus Magna, the Buranki God. Well, let’s check her name before we go any further. お名前は?

Family Name: 万流(ban.ryuu)


万流(ban.ryuu) seems to be a very rare surname in Japan and while it occasionally appears in Chinese texts, it doesn’t seem to be that popular there either. I did see some suggestions on using it as a Given Name, read as Maru, but even this site would categorize it as a rather unusual or a recently created name.

万 means ten thousand, but it is often used to describe something extreme as in 万一(man.ichi; emergency, unlikely event), 万代(ban.dai; eternity) and 万能(ban.nou; omnipotent). A very well known shoutout in Japanese, 万歳(ban.zai; literally ten thousand years), also uses this kanji and it originally meant eternal life, when commoners would wish a long and prosperous life for Emperors back in Old Japan. Hmm. As previously said, Reoko-sama is immortal and while not omnipotent, she is vastly powerful, which makes this a really befitting kanji for her.

流 mostly carries the idea of a current, a flow. 流れる(naga.reru) is an intransitive verb that can mean to flow, to wander, to stray and many others. It can be used to describe something flowing into madness or despair. As for its transitive pair, 流す(naga.su), it can carry the symbol of shedding blood and tears, to drain and to wash away. A few relevant words include 配流(hai.ru; exile, banishment) and 一流(ichi.ryuu; peculiar), words that tie into the premise of Bubuki Buranki’s plot and the unique relationship between Entei and Reoko.

By putting together both together we come up with 万流(ban.ryuu) pointing the endless life force that flows within Reoko or even her unique powerfulness.

As expected, no other character is named 万流(ban.ryuu) in Anime.

Given Name: 礼央子(re.o.ko)


Similarly to her Family Name, 礼央子(re.o.ko) is also a very unusual sighting. While the construction [Whatever + 子] is one of the most traditional ways to name a girl in Japan, the combination here strikes oddly.

礼 denotes politeness, reverence and worship, appearing in this peculiar duo 儀礼(gi.rei; etiquette) and 礼儀(rei.gi; etiquette) and also in religious settings as in 礼賛(rei.san; praise, adoration) or even 婚礼(kon.rei; marriage ceremony). While Reoko-sama isn’t really a good example of an orderly person, she exhales an aura that makes her a target of adoration by many. After the events of Season 2 and she gradually sinking into a more stable mental state, it is clear though that she possess a high level of education and etiquette, even when addressing Azuma in S2E5.

私をおいてされ、汀の息子 (watashi wo oitesare, migiwa no musuko), S2 Episode 5

央 is a very straightforward kanji that means middle or center. An interesting word is 中央(chuu.ou), which can be used to abstractly describe something as the Heart, denoting its importance as a core component of something bigger. This plays well both into the Heart theme of Humans x Buranki relationship and also in Reoko/Entei being a crucial part of Guy’s plan, as shown in Season 2 Episode 10. Speaking of this episode, the whole revival of Deus Magna can be seen as a sort of ritual or ceremony, words which meaning could also be conveyed through the kanji 礼, so this is something I forgot to point out on the previous paragraph.

We have seen 子 in this blog multiple times, including in last week’s closer look at Shimomura-kun from Ajin, which you can read here. The idea is simple though, as it usually means child and as stated before is used in the pattern [Whatever + 子] like in 海子(umi.ko; Child of the Sea) or 秋子(aki.ko; Child of Autumn).

By putting all three together, 礼央子(re.o.ko) could then mean a child who is essential for a given ceremony or a child who is the center of adoration, two interpretations that tie really well, in my opinion.

Once again as expected, no other character is named 礼央子(re.o.ko) in Anime.

舞武器(bu.bu.ki) 舞乱伎(bu.ran.ki)

To my surprise there is an actually set kanji combination for the series title. 舞武器(bu.bu.ki) means Dancing Weapon while 舞乱伎(bu.ran.ki) means… uh… Chaotic Dancing Technique? There is probably a much better way to translate 舞乱伎, or some hidden majestic explanation for it, but alas, it is beyond me.

Wrapping up!

Let’s review our guest today!

万流(ban.ryuu) 礼央子(re.o.ko), the one who is adored by some, feared by others and cursed by an endless flow of power and emotions.

Thanks for your time, hope you guys enjoyed your reading. Bubuki Buranki Season 2 isn’t really among my favorite shows in Fall 2016, one of the reasons being > Not enough Reoko-sama,  but still delivers good action and funny moments. It is also a good showcase of 3D CGI done correctly, in my opinion. See you all next weekend!