Hello, Kyra here! This is Onamae wa? #57, our weekly encounter where we pick Anime character’s names and look for anything interesting in them.

Hot and Cool. Get a man who can be both.

Our guest today is 轟(todoroki) 焦凍(shou.to), one of the main characters in Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season, an action shounen Anime currently airing on Spring 2017. This post considers events up to Episode 10 of Season 2. Beware of burning spoilers!

轟(todoroki) 焦凍(shou.to)

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By all means, 轟(todoroki) 焦凍(shou.to) is the epitome of a cold-blooded soldier. Harsh personality and brutal aggressiveness, traits bound down by apparent ethic values, paired with a calm and composed aura. Albeit possessing both ice and fire related Quirks, he had managed to suppress the fiery powers inherited from his father as a form of rebellion against him. (Un)fortunately, Midoriya’s resolve in battle forced him to accept himself twice over the Sports Festival so far, including the incredible Episode 10. Let’s see what lies in his name. お名前は?


Family Name: 轟(todoroki)


轟(todoroki) appears as the 2.262th most popular name in Japan (Source), with roughly 6.600 bearers. This reading likely comes from the verb 轟く(todoro.ku; to roar, to reverberate. Also metaphorically used for ‘to be famous’), following the pattern of swapping the final -u for an -i in order to create a noun, thus becoming 轟き(todoro.ki), which in turn has its okurigana (kana suffixes following kanji stems in Japanese written words) dropped for aesthetic purposes when dealing with names. We saw something similar when talking about Tsumugi-chan from Amaama to Inazuma back on [Onamae wa #16]:

As this word ends with i, another possibility is considering つむぎ as a noun and looking for a verb by swapping i for u, which in this case gives us tsumugu, or 紡ぐ(tsumu.gu; to spin, to make a yarn). Once again its main use is related to tailoring, but it can also appear as a metaphoric way to say that someone is telling a story.

There are two main theories over the origin of 轟く(todoro.ku) itself. First one says it evolved from 遠く驚く(too.ku.odoro.ku; to be amazed/surprised from far away). The other possibility points out that とどろ(todoro) existed beforehand as an onomatopoeic word close to どろどろ(dorodoro; ‘rumbling sound’) and どどん(dodon; ‘the sound of an impact, crash, thunder’), later having the suffix く(ku) added to create a verb. As for the kanji, 轟 is considered a 会意文字(kai.i.moji; compound ideograph), a kanji classification for those who are made of meaningful parts. 轟 is formed by three 車, a kanji that nowadays is mostly related to automobiles as in 自動車(ji.dou.sha) or 車(kuruma), but it can be used to describe all sort of vehicles that resort on a revolving wheel. Thus 轟 describes the resounding noise that echoes from a situation where many carts / chariots / cars are present. (Source)

Apart from his fire quirk, Shouto-kun also inherited 轟(todoroki) and this kanji really matches his father overall personality. The concepts of ‘roaring’, ‘rumbling’ and even the metaphorical ‘to be famous’ all resound well with Endeavor’s psychological traits. While ‘roaring’ isn’t exactly a good fit for Shouto-kun, he is indeed very dedicated into the whole ‘to be famous’ setting.

Others 轟(todoro.ki):

According to Nene-chan’s profile on MAL:

She’s a friend of Suzu. She’s in the Robot Research Club and joined in order to make better vibrators.

Clearly 轟(todoroki) as her surname is just coincidence.


Given Name: 焦凍(shou.to)



As the usual trend in Boku no Hero Academia, in 焦凍(shou.to) we have a completely tailored name to fit its bearer.

焦 is mostly known for 焦げる(ko.geru; to be burned) and 焦がす(ko.gasu; to burn). Some interesting vocabulary include 焦がれる(ko.gareru; to be in love with), 焦る(ase.ru; to be impatient, to lose one’s presence of mind) and 焦燥(shou.sou; uneasiness, irritation). These last two are very keen to describe Shouto-kun seeing himself forced to make use of his fire abilities. Quirk aside, this can also be linked to the burning scar on his face. Not related to our guest, but 焦 is made up by 隹 (old bird radical) and 灬 (from 火, fire), thus making 焦 nothing more than a good roasted chicken. YUMMY!

凍 can be seen in 凍る(koo.ru), 凍える(kogo.eru), 凍てる(i.teru), 凍みる(shi.miru), 凍らす(koo.rasu) and many other ways to say ‘to freeze’, ‘to refrigerate’, ‘to congeal’. Contrary to 焦, it is not often used to metaphorically describe emotions or mental states, that role being reserved to other kanji such as 涼, as in 涼しい(suzu.shii; cool, refreshing, composed, upright) and 冷やす(hi.yasu; to cool, to refrigerate, to calm down, to relax).

As expected, no others 焦凍(shou.to) in Anime (or anywhere else, for sure).

Wrapping up!

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轟(todoroki) 焦凍(shou.to), an otherwise cool-headed hero who aims for the top driven by a fiery mix of passion and revolt.

Thanks for your time, hope you guys enjoyed your reading. I probably won’t tackle Boku no Hero Academia here anymore, but his show is surely full of interesting names! Reminder that we have explored Deku’s name on [Onamae wa #6], Uraraka’s on [Onamae wa #50] and plenty of supporting characters on [Onamae wa #55]. See you all next weekend!