Hello everyone, Kyra here!

First, I would like to thank you for accessing my former blog kyradesuyo.wordpress.com. Back when I published my first post here, on April 10th of 2016, I had no idea that I would ever reach these many entries, exploring way over 100 characters so far.

After a long period of hiatus, I have resumed my hobby of exploring the names of Anime Characters. But now I have a new home: AnimeNames.club! Due to some technical complications with interwebz shenanigans, I will unfortunately not be able to create automatic redirects from kyradesuyo to AnimeNames.club.

Thus, I invite everyone to join me there. The new website is cleaner, without ads or any distraction. Almost all previous names were imported to the new interface and every Friday a new character will join the fray.

Thank you again, hope to see you guys there!

Visit our brand new home page at AnimeNames.club!

Or if you would rather go directly to my post explaining the name of Jabami Yumeko, CLICK HERE!