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Exploring the meaning of Anime character's names!

About this Blog


My name is Kyra and on this blog I invite everyone to join me on exploring character names for interesting hidden gems! Some info might be a bit into Japanese Language geek side, but overall I try to write in a way anyone can enjoy.

Be wary that all content is heavily influenced by Confirmation Bias, Hindsight and reading too much into it. By all means, the idea is just collecting interesting trivia about the names used that, sometimes, happens to be close enough to what could be the Author’s intention. In other words, it is not my objective to pursue the author’s original idea, but just compiling links between the kanji used in a given name and the story, personality and facts about that character, regardless of that relation being intentional or not.

Hope you guys have fun!

You can also find me on Twitter: @kyradesuyo

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