Deishuu Kaiki – onegai!

Hello, Kyra here! This is onegai! #2. Objective is similar to onamae wa?, but characters appearing here were requested by readers and are not restricted to current airing Anime.

Actually, it’s time for a 自問自答 (ji.mon.ji.tou; wondering to oneself, soliloquizing).

Do I have it in me to spare my time for free to answer this request? Do I feel like I can’t stand by and watch as my reader sadly see his plea refused?

No. Definitely not. If anything, that would only please me.

Can I do it as a way to entertain other readers who might be wondering about this same character, then?

No. 知らん(shi.ran; informal expression equivalent to our “couldn’t care less”).

Then what if this request was made by a friend, should I do it as a token of our friendship and moments on Twitter?

No, I think nothing of what happened in the past. 

No matter how much I think about it, I can’t think of a reason to take this request.

Ok, contrary to our guest today, I can’t deceive anyone: I was eager to write this as soon as I received this request. Today we’ll be exploring 貝木( 泥舟(dei.shuu), our favorite money lover conman from Monogatari Series! The above soliloquy was adapted from this great scene on Monogatari Series: Second Season, Episode 21. To avoid being tricked into spoilers, it is recommended to have watched… well… everything about Monogatari that has been animated so far, but mainly Nise, Koi and Hanamonogatari.

This request was made by @Fenris_Lupus, thank you!

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Shokugeki no Souma – onegai!

Hello, Kyra here! This is [onegai!] #1. Objective here is similar to [onamae wa?], but characters appearing here were requested by readers and are not restricted to current airing Anime.

The very basic foundation of a restaurant is in its menu and I must admit that I had a rough time choosing which dishes to present. I decided to keep it simple and stick to a 3-course menu, featuring three main characters from Shokugeki no Souma, an Anime series based on a cooking manga. Due to special ingredients used, it is recommended to have savored at least the Season 1 of this show to avoid stomach-spoilers-ache.

This request was made by @AzumaGuilherme, thank you!


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