Current State of Anime Production Companies – nani?

Hello, Kyra here! This is [Onam… wait, no. Today I have something different. I’m not sure if I’ll do this again anytime soon, but for now let’s call today [nani? #1], posts where I translate something weeb related.

A few days ago I ran into a spread page scan of the Japanese Magazine [iP!] on a very famous AniBlog from Japan. It was an overview of the reality of Anime Industry and an interesting chart comparing some of the most important companies on how long have they been on the field and how many works they have produced as Prime Contractors.

Today I’ll provide a rough translation of what was said in that article, as I found it to be very interesting and full of nice trivia (And you guys know I love trivias). Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional translator nor am really knowledgeable in specific jargon of this field, so this post is bound to have errors or missing nuances. Hopefully it will be sufficient enough so that the average joe can understand the general idea. That being said, I’ll gladly accept corrections and suggestions in the comments, if so needed.

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