Ryouta Mitarai – makasetekure!

Hello, Comun again. You might remember me from the now sadly innacurate Junko Enoshima – Makasetekure!. Today I’m back for another 任せてくれ!/ お名前は?and once again it’s a DanganRonpa one. This season brought us the DanganRonpa 3 anime to give closure to the Kibougamine saga before the main series can move on to something else. Of course, this being DanganRonpa, it carries the series brand of insane design choices innovation with it having two separate animes airing on the same season and intercommunicating with each other.

While 未来編 (mi.rai.hen; Future Volume, officially known in the West as Side:Future) and 絶望編 (zetsu.bou.hen; Despair Volume, officially Side:Despair) have fairly different casts, the two share a few characters and I’m here to talk about the arguably most important of them: 超高校級のアニメーター(chou.kou.kou.kyuu.no.animeetaa; Super High School Level Animator) 御手洗 (mi.ta.rai) 亮太 (ryou.ta). If your NG Action is reading spoilers, we recommend you to have watched up to until the 11th episode of each Side.

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Junko Enoshima – makasetekure!

Hello, Kyra here! This is makasetekure! #1, first post of a new series. I was both surprised and happy when a friend requested to collaborate with this blog by writing about his beloved character. This is only the overall 10th post here, so it is very exciting to think about this blog ever growing into something like a Name Research Club in the future! Without further ado, I’ll leave you guys in the care of our guest writer today. Have fun!

Nice to meet you, 皆さん(mina.san; everyone. Hey, you should know this!). My name is Comun, first guest writer here at Kyra Desu Yo! I’m sure some of you may know me as Twitter’s (self-proclaimed) No. 1 Enoshima lover, so I guess there is no point beating around the bush on which name we will be analyzing today. Let’s learn about the wonderful gyaru whose charisma was enough to turn the world upside-down: 江ノ島 (e.no.shima) 盾子 (jun.ko) from DanganRonpa.

The DanganRonpa franchise has quite a few interesting names I would like to talk about, such as Hajime Hinata (日向創), Gandamu Tanaka (田中眼蛇夢) or Peko Pekoyama (辺古山ペコ), but today, we will be looking exclusively at Junko and some characters whose names are closely tied to hers. We are going to have the DanganRonpa 3 animes next season, so I might collaborate for an onamae wa? on one of those characters when it comes to that. I’ll do my best to keep on par with the blog so, Kyra-san, 任せてくれ! (maka.setekure, a common expression meaning something like “leave it to me” or “count on me”).

Due to the nature of the DanganRonpa series, spoilers are unavoidable. I must warn that this text contains heavy endgame from both the first game and the light novel DanganRonpa/Zero. I will put a [SPOILER][/SPOILER] tag when we get to the /Zero stuff but DR1 spoilers will be through the entire text. If you want to read it, just select the text between the tags. To avoid the despair of The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Spoilers in Human History, we recommend all students to have finished the first game or at least have watched its anime adaption.

では張り切っていきましょう! おなまえタイム!

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